Getting started with Paymable agent system

Have an existing business and want to make extra income? Tired of saying “I don’t have change”? Want to bring value-added services to your customers and clients at their convenience and no extra cost? Does your business have a physical transaction location? Then welcome to paymable biz.
Paymable Biz is built for the physical commodity/service providers that sign up to have the platform integrated into their system so as to be able to provide Payamble products to their customers.

  • Offer instant top-up as an alternative for change.
  • Offer value-added services to customers such as payments for tv, electricity, and internet
  • Increased traffic to the location considering the demand for services on the platform.
  • Gain commission on all transactions.
  • Increases Business brand Value
  • Sell flexible airtime amounts between N50 and N40, 000 to
    any postpaid or pre-paid line.
  • Free branding and training materials
  • Increase average revenue per customer
  • Increase customer retention propensity

Agent Plans

  • Paymable Bronze: N20,000
  • Paymable Gold: N50,000
  • Paymable Platinum: N100,000